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“Very happy with Doug on the purchase of my new house. He negotiated a better deal with the seller on the price, including an addon at no cost to me. The most important part was that Doug kept in contact with me throughout the process until handing me the keys. I don’t think you can’t go wrong with Doug buying or selling. Professional personality type, and not pushy.” – Brian Anderson

“I believe that Douglas Purdy is an excellent realtor and is readily able to solve the needs of persons requiring help in the sale or purchase of their home. You left no doubt of the experience and expert skills during the several weeks our project lasted.” – Dr. Ian Bailes

“I worked with Doug in the automotive industry for over 15 years. He’s professional, organized, and driven. Through his vast experience as National Service Manager for one of the biggest auto dealerships in Canada, Doug helped me to be a better Sales Manager. He will get the job done with complete integrity and professionalism, that is just who Doug is. I would recommend him without a doubt!” Gordon Campbell

“Doug is a great guy. I worked with him long-term in the auto industry and he’s very thorough. Doug helped me go from a subpar position to a management role. He cares a great deal about his community, staff, and clients. I definitely recommend him!” – Colton Hesse

“Doug has been efficient, knowledgeable, and honest throughout all my interactions with him in the real estate industry. I always appreciate his advice and recommendations – knowledge is power! I absolutely recommend Doug.” – Sherol

“I worked with Doug for several years in the automotive industry. His guidance and encouragement allowed me to gain confidence in my own ability to learn my job. He has the ability to see the good in everyone, and sees the potential in people that don’t realize they have it – and he encourages and mentors them till they do! Doug is dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, and I would have no hesitation recommending him to any of my friends or colleagues.” – Gail Levesque

“Doug taught me so much about the automotive service and fixed operations side of the business, and how to manage people effectively. I miss the daily interaction with Doug as he always had a great attitude at work and a great sense of humour! He  is a pleasure to work with, and of course, I would recommend him!” – Brent Marshall

“Doug and I worked together long-term in the auto industry and he’s the best teammate I ever worked with. Our departments reached the highest levels of success while we were working together. He’s dedicated, loyal, a high achiever, motivated, committed, focused, compassionate, confident, and creative. I absolutely recommend Doug – he always strives to deliver.” – Scott Saunders

“Doug helped me with my home buying process, and he was knowledgeable and friendly. I would absolutely recommend him!” – Trevor

“I had an amazing home buying experience with Doug. He even brings you coffee! I would hire him again in a heartbeat. He’s very diligent and effective.” – M. Smith

“Doug went above and beyond for me when dealing with other stakeholders in the sale of my house, such the mortgager. I was feeling ill-equipped and helpless when being hit with a huge penalty at the start of the sale that would have left me with a substantial debt load. Due to Doug’s ability and willingness to communicate tirelessly on my behalf, I at least came out even. He’s always very informative and considerate throughout real estate transactions, which can be stressful at times. He exhibited patience and professionalism throughout, despite being thrown curveballs. I experienced constant communication from Doug, which alleviated a lot of my stress. I look forward to recommending Doug to others and telling my story of how he successfully represented me. Can’t wait to have him help me buy a home in the future!” – Corey Munroe

“I bought my first home with Doug! He’s knowledgeable, friendly, and very helpful. Doug will go above and beyond to help you out. For example, I had a clogged sink and Doug brought us Drano so that we didn’t have to deal with that on move-in. He always answers questions promptly, whether by phone, email, or text.” – Taylor 

“Doug has a great personality and is easy to get along with! He helped me buy a home and made sure to find one that was the right fit for me. He was honest and patient throughout the process. I was able to successfully buy the right home thanks to Doug.” – Lynn